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Mixing Mill – 14X36

Mixing Mill – 14X36

  • Mixing Mill – 14X36
  • Mixing Mill – 14X36
  • Mixing Mill – 14X36
  • Mixing Mill – 14X36
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Date : May 6, 2017
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Location : Faridabad, Haryana, India

Mixing Mill – Size-16X42

What Are Mixing Mills In Rubber Industry.

Mixing Mill

Mixing mills are the basic part of the rubber industry. Any rubber industry can’t survive without this machine. This machine is used to manufacture rubber compounds. There are two rolls in a mixing mill. Each rotates opposite to the direction of the other. To mix the ingredients well one roll runs faster than the other one. This will help in mixing the rubber well. The additives used with rubber base are fillers, softeners, processing aids, and colorants. After these all mix well the rubber is ready for the next step of rubber products manufacturing.

Mixing mill Structure

Mixing mill runs on two rolls. Both the roll are arranged parallelly. Each roll is independent of the other for its rotation. The speed of the rotation can be adjusted to the desired ration. One roll rotates faster than the other. Which one will rotate faster depends upon the mixture. There is roll nip to adjust the width between the rolls. Adjusting this nip the desired thickness of the rubber is obtained. During the mixing process, the rolls get heated up. They can be cooled by water cooling.


Milling Mill Function

To mix an untreated rubber block, it is first inserted in the roll nip. The rolls pull the block in between them and get wrapped around the front obviously roll. it is adjusted there according to the nip thickness. The other additives are also mixed through roll nip. In between the process, the rubber is taken out and put in the nip lengthwise. This is done to mix the additives properly with the rubber. The process is done again and again till the rubber base is totally incorporated with the additives.

Mixing mills- Types

Breaking mill,
rubber rolling mill,
laboratory rolling mill,
PVC rolling mill,
refining rolling mill,
silicone mill

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Mixing Mill – 14X36