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Twin Rope Extruder

Twin Rope Extruder

  • Twin Rope Extruder
  • Twin Rope Extruder
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Type : Products
Date : July 12, 2018
Condition : Used
Warranty : No
Location : Dakhini Gate Nakodar,jalandhar-144040

Briquette Machine

Natural Fuels on earth our earth are extinguishable. They are a non-renewable source of energy as well. Though there are wind and tidal energy that is being harnessed has its own limitations. Wind energy can’t be generated everywhere. We can install Windmill in vast open areas. Tidal energy can be harnessed in seas or vast water bodies. Scientists are working in this area. They are trying to find a solution for quickly perishing fossil fuels.


Different types of fuels are there. We can manufacture or create some using our renewable wastes. For example, agriculture waste is used to manufacture briquettes. This waste includes wood, palm husk, sawdust, rice husk, groundnut shell, and cotton husk. There are other wastes as well. These waste cause pollution and garbage. They are burnt inefficiently. The fossil fuels are depleting day by day and this cause price rice in these fuels continuously.

The agriculture waste is put into briquettes machine with the help of screw conveyor. The material goes through ram and briquettes are produced. There is an advantage using agriculture waste to make briquettes. During the process, no binding substance is needed as the waste contains the binding substance. That substance is called lignin. This is the reason the technology is called binder less technology. The briquettes are eco-friendly and are non-polluting too. The technology provides a way to transform waste into a resource and helps save the environment.

These briquettes are a fuel to many industries. They are used in thermal application such as to generate steam by boilers, in the drying process, for heating purpose. Briquettes are being replaced for conventional fuel like coal. And they are less expensive also.

So shifting to a less expensive which can be generated easily and nonperishable is a good move for the industry.

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