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About Us

About Make My Industry

Make My Industry has been transforming the way you shop and sell used machinery and business assets revolutionarily by providing a smart, global platform. Running and managing a business is an uphill struggle, and an extra task is enough to bother you. Focus on upgrade and raise the assets and equipment without getting bothered about extra and old assets.Let us do this for you.

We are a leading company and dedicated to eliminating hassle, brokerage, trouble and time in the buying and selling process. It is a story of the old days when you need to bargain with brokers to get reasonable prices. Now, you don’t need to throw it away for free. At Make My Industry, we facilitate the sellers to post the classified ads and find the potential buyers.

A One-Stop Shop for All Products

Outdated, old and unused machinery, equipment, and fittings, etc. are always a hassle for business owners. Such stuff blocks the capital, occupy a space unnecessarily, and create a chaos in your workplace. In addition, you need some resources to keep that stuff in good condition. Any kind of negligence, can lead to damage and lessen the worth of machinery.

Don’t go through with all that hassle; let us carry off all the headaches and troubles. We enable you to sell all these products within no time. We provide a global platform for an assortment of products, including but not limited to old computers, servers, machines, tools and parts, etc.

In the event that you are planning to sell old products online, just post a classified ad on our website. Make sure, you have done with all the examination and analysis work before you post an advertisement. If your equipment and machineries are in excellent condition, we assure you that you will get good worth through us.

We Work As a Smart Moderator

You need something that is extra for someone. But, the challenge is how you will connect to him/her. That is where Make My Industry comes in. We are committed to address the problems of both buyers and sellers by facilitating them to meet with each other. We connect the sellers with lots of old yet excellent equipment.

It is our passion to introduce people who would like to buy to those who are selling through our site. We have evolved into a global service that connects lots of business buyers and sellers. We have been serving the businesses with free listings.

About Make My Industry

A computer in the office just got outdated? The machinery is being upgraded? You want to expand but you have to dispose the older machines first? Tired of calling dealers to negotiate a good price? Your worries are ours too. And today we bring to you a simple solution.

As industrialists we all have always faced the problem of disposing office/industry machines that are not useful to us any more. First, a space has to be allocated, then one has to stand guard against pilferage, and then once they have been disposed, the nagging knowledge that we just ended up adding to the already burgeoning waste in our environment.

What if something that was of no use to me was of use to you, or the other way around for that matter? We would save on space, resources and contribute less to the industrial waste choking up the environment. Old computers, machines, parts – the list is endless.

But then, although I have it and you need it, how would we connect? That is where we come in. Having faced this problem persistently, we thought of working something out to address the problem. And hence Make My Industry was born – a dedicated platform for industrialists/business houses to connect with others and directly buy from each other.

Next time when you change that old computer, replace the machine with the latest model or for that matter decide on anything being redundant, think of us. With a click of a button, you could find a prospective buyer, and save the Earth a little.

Our Mission

We facilitate the buyers and sellers to purchase and sell what they want painlessly without any trouble. We connect the potential buyers to concerned sellers swiftly.

Why Choose Us?

To be recognized as the world's largest marketplace for new and used process equipment and assets. We work with devotion to be known throughout the industry as a synonym of honesty with genuine concern for the benefit of our customers.

Only Creative Solutions

We always come up with creative solutions to cater to all your specific requirements. We have a large inventory for the clients from different industries.


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