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Multifunctional Trainer – Little Steps – Game Improved

Multifunctional Trainer Champions do not descend from heaven. It takes sweat and blood to be a champion. Regular and consistent work out habits is the key. Working out on multifunctional trainer give the desired result. Other factors to be taken care of are planning your nutrition, good sleep, prevention from injuries make champions. Winning and […] Read More

How Metals are Molted and Casting is done.

Casting is a process in which liquid metal is poured into a desired hollow mold, the liquid metal is allowed to cool and solidify. This solidify part is known as ‘Casting’. The solidified part is taken out of the mold either by ejecting  or breaking out out of the mold. This way the process gets […] Read More

Important Tool Room equipment – VICE.

A brief Note on Vices A vice is an important tool in metal and woodworking applications. It holds a workpiece and desired operation are done on the workpiece. If a workpiece demands planning, drilling, sawing, etc. a vice is needed to hold the piece and it is directly attached to the workbench. The part of […] Read More

What is Rotary Die Cutting?

What is Rotary Die Cutting? Rotary die cutting is a fabrication process with versatility. It’s a speedy process yet accurate. Rotary die cutting produces little waste and gives high production. It is used in high volume projects. How Rotary Die Cutting Works? A heavy cylindrical anvil is attached to the rotary die cutting machine. A […] Read More

What is Industrial Automation

What is Industrial Automation? When a human being is replaced by computers, robots, information technology to handle machinery or any other process in any industry, the whole process involved is termed as Industrial Automation. It is a step ahead of industrialization beyond mechanization.   Improve and increase quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process. The process […] Read More

What is a Drill Machine?

A ‘Drill Machine’ is one of the most important machines in any tool room of mechanical industries. It is a machine that can make holes with the removal of chips, though it is not only used to make holes but also used in boring, reaming and tapping. In metalworking several types of drilling machines are […] Read More

What is a Lathe Machine?

What is a Lathe Machine?.   You think about Industry and what is the first thought that comes to mind. It’s – A Machine. The most common that even a child can remind you of are Drill Machines Welding Machines, Cutters etc. And a little one step above your thought will take an eye on […] Read More