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Pros and cons of old and used gang drill machine

When one considers buying gang drill machine, there is a plenty of choice on the market. There are many manufacturers of new machines, but the prices are skyrocketing, sometimes unaffordable even for the business.  So there is a budget option, which is buying a used machine. But such a kind of investment has some pros and cons.


First you have to consider where from to buy it. You can browse some ads or find a local dealer of used gang drilled machines.


The better choice is buying a used machine from a dealer. That is because most dealers guarantee the quality of the products they sell. Before offered to the customers, the machines have to be checked and thoroughly and tested by certified technicians, who if necessary would change all the parts which need to be repaired. That is a good premise that the machine will function well long after the purchase.


The price comparison between a new and used machine is another advantage, which cannot be underestimated. Most high quality gang drill machines are too expensive when new, but a used gang drill machine can be bought up to three times cheaper.   Of course, you can consider buying a cheap new machine, but in most cases its parts are produced from a low quality material, which will cause you significant problems and expenses in future. Have in mind that the price of a new, low quality machine can be similar or sometimes even more than of an old and used high quality gang drill machine, bought from a supplier.


Another big advantage is the dealer will give you a written warranty that all the parts of the machine are functioning in a perfect order.   But buying a used machine has a few disadvantages. Something can derange, but this can happen with a new gang drilling machine and with every type of technology, even if bought new directly from the manufacturer.   Having a used gang drilling machine is quite a good idea, considering the price compared to the quality.


At the price of a new low quality machine one can have high quality refurbished machine, with a guarantee for a high efficiency and good quality of the production.