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Swaging Machine.

When an item is forced into dies to alter its dimensions, the process is called Swaging. The process is carried out in the forging industry. This is mainly a cold forming process, but sometimes heat is required.

As stated above the work-piece is forced into a die or dies to reduce and increase the diameter of tubes or rods taken. hammering reduce the diameter of the rods. It should be noted that there is no loss of material in this process. The material is only deformed. This is why swaging machines are used to deform precious metals.

Swaging Machines – Categories

These machines are divided into two categories. One is tube swaging and the second one is rotary swaging. As we see in the drawing wire process the same is seen in the tube swaging machines. To expand these machines a mandrel is placed. When radial and compressive forces are applied on the outer diameter the inner shape get differed from the outer and the circular diameter. These cold tube swaging machines are used when aluminum, copper and thin sheets are to be worked upon.

Rotary swaging or radial swaging are the same names of a single process. It is mainly a cold working process. It is used for three purposes: to reduce tube diameter, to produce a tapered end, and to add a point towards a round work-piece. Rotary swaging machines are common in standard and butt swaging types.


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