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Biomass Extruder Machine

A complete charcoal production plant requires a lot of machinery. There are steps involved in the process so there is a need for a number of other machines. These include dryers, cooking furnace, crusher, and biomass briquette extruder. The type of extruder machine is needed depends upon two things. First, the type of charcoal machine and second the type of raw material to be used. As these two factors determine the quality of briquettes. To maintain the quality of the briquettes some important point should be kept in mind.  So, we will have a look at the basic requirements of a Biomass Extruder Machine.

Raw Material

  • A certain amount of moisture is required in the raw material. The amount of moisture should be 6-12%. The dryer machine’s effect depends upon the quality of the dryer, therefore, it is necessary to have a good quality dryer.
  • The material is basically the wood. It is necessary to choose wood of desired quality as the quality of charcoal largely depends upon the sawdust. So the choice of wood depends upon your knowledge about different kinds of wood.
  • The biomass should be kept for a while after drying. The hot material always fails to meet the demand. The material should be fed after it gets cool.
  • The hardness and the size of the particles should be matched.

Hot to Operate the CHarcoal Briquette Extruder

The person appointed to operate the machine plays a vital role.

  • The experience of the operator is important. He should have the experience to minimize the error of temperature control The heating process is done mostly by an electric heating system. The operator should maintain an error range of about 30 degrees.
  • After the material gets cool it should again be mixed to maintain the moisture content of the material as cooling varies the uniformity of the moisture content.
  • The crack problem arises in the biomass briquettes is due to the wetness of the raw material so the operator should have knowledge and experience in reducing this crack problem to deliver good quality briquettes.