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A Platform to buy and sell used machines.

Buy and sell used machines:

Online business is at boom and will keep its pace. Every day there are thousands of new online stores, small websites on net throughout the world. One can not imagine the range of the products being sold online. Can you or have you ever think of ‘Cowdung Cakes’ selling online? It is an ocean where you can grab anything. Machines or industrial products are also being sold online. You can find people selling their used products and machines also.

Makemyindustry is also such a platform for small, mid and large cap users. People can list their used products, machines, testing equipments, stationery items, office needs, heavy machines, electrical products, hand and m/c tools, automation machinery and whatever they want to.

There are unlimited numbers of sites that are selling the above-said products but they are field specific. Some are selling every other product like Amazon, Flipkart etc. but they sell new products. Industries like the industrybuying deal in new industrial tools and machinery. Though there are players that sell used machines too, but, as said earlier they have a limited range. They do not provide a market for every of your need. Makemyindustry provides the solution for this. There is no charge for listing your products. No middleman makes this process easy. It is safe for your deals.

You just have to follow some simple steps as you do on other platforms. The interface is user-friendly and has a short process.


Visit the largest online marketplace for used machines and book a place for yourself.