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Cassava Chips Dryer

One of the most important staple food along with wheat, rice, and maize in the world is Cassava. This crop is cultivated in various parts of the world. This is one the most economic crop. In some parts of the world, it is used as cassava flour and animal feedstock. Small farmers, as well as big farm owners, grow it. This crop has a significant share in the export of most of the cassava producing countries. Various aspects of cassava processing should be studied.

First, the cassava roots are harvested. Then they are cut into small pieces manually or using a machine. After this, these pieces are dried. Drying can be done using various methods like exposing to the sun, using an oven, or blowing hot air. If these pieces are not dried upon, they will degrade biologically at a faster rate. Drying prolongs the safe storage of the cassava pieces(chips). One significant result of the drying process is the loss of weight in the chips as the moisture is no more in the pieces. And the second result is the loss of volume. But, losing weight and volume is beneficial as it helps in minimizing packaging, storage, and transportation cost.

When these pieces of cassava are dried in the machine, one saves time and quality of the dried chips are superior to those dried in the sun. A farmer or anyone who is initiating a business in chips production should have a machine for rich production and better results.

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