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Flash Dryers

Flash drying process is done to dry the material to get the desired result. The material is immersed into the heated gas or air. Then it is transported through a drying duct. Then the scrubbers initiate cyclones to clean the exhaust gases. The process is inexpensive and is done to dry the high moisture materials.
Features of Industrial Carrier Flash Dryers.
These dryers require less space and can process high capacities.
  1. They are often used on the existing lines to increase production capacity.
  2. They are efficient in flash drying using thermal power.
  3. Due to flash drying the additional equipments are eliminated and they run on pneumatic conveying.
  4. The lumps are crushed by a Cage Mill added to the flash dryer system.
  5. The gas pressure can be adjusted to a high level making it possible to reduce size and cost.
  6. The dryers are easy to install as they are designed as such.
The flash dryers are used in various industries. These industries include agrifood, chemical industry and also in mineral industrial applications. The feed material used in these dryers are flakes, granules, cakes, powders etc.
Ring Dryer is the advanced and modified version of the Flash Dryers. A centrifugal classifier is used in these dryers. These classifiers use deflector blades. The work of these blades is to select and classify airborne particles. These particles are classified on basis of their densities.
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