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Hollow Coal Rod Machine – A Brief Introduction

Coal reduced to fine particles known as pulverized coal. This form of coal is used in the hollow coal rod machine. The machine has coal rods’ strength. It doesn’t need lime in the production process which results in the low fuel cost with an improvement in the calorific value of coal. It has economic benefits too. The energy consumed by the process is low but with high efficiency. Large surface area coal rods with good permeability are made.
There are variable pitch impellers in a hollow coal rod machine. The coal is pushed forward by the rear cylinder, the coal goes through compression and from a circular hole extrusion the desired shapes in the form of rod come out.
Replacement of some parts is convenient as impeller and cylinder. The machine head can be opened. It is due to the head and the tube body. They both adopt a cutter shape.
The coal that is produced by this machine has a hollow shape which helps in complete combustion of the coal rod. Various other types of raw material can be manufactured by the machine though it is due to the wide adaptability of coal. The final product has a fine forming effect with excellent quality.