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What is Rotary Die Cutting?

What is Rotary Die Cutting?

Rotary die cutting is a fabrication process with versatility. It’s a speedy process yet accurate. Rotary die cutting produces little waste and gives high production. It is used in high volume projects.

How Rotary Die Cutting Works?

A heavy cylindrical anvil is attached to the rotary die cutting machine. A customized die containing female die features is also attached to it and it roles over a flat, depressed surface. Paper, plastic or sheet metal is fed in the machine either individually or from a spindle roll. It is then let pass through the rolling die. This cuts or penetrates the material and gives out the desired shape. It disposes of the waste material and the finished product is put down a line.

Anvil controls the process precisely, this gives way to control the type and depth of the cut from the die. As said earlier it leaves little waste and can perform a high production rate.

Tips to remember

All fabrication projects do not require rotary die cutting. While manufacturing products some points are there to keep in mind. Rotary die cutting is high-speed process products are manufactured quickly so as the waste is. To avoid accidents and prevent stalling the material handling equipment should be kept in sync with the production.