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How to get maximum benefits of a treadmill

Benefits of Treadmill

People love to run to burn their calories. It an exercise that helps channelize all your body parts. We run, we sweat. The longer we run, the more we burn our calories. But, running on a treadmill can result better. Some people think natural running (means running on a road) is more beneficial, but, it not about the area or place where one runs. The point is how much you sweat. On the treadmill also you can burn more calories. All you have to do is set the gradient on the mill, around 1-2%. It will simulate the resistance/friction like you face on road. One should not run longer and with speed just to get fast results. The workout should be according to one’s physical condition.

Three body parts are the most affected by running. These are legs, buttocks, and calves. Reduced treadmill speed and the increased gradient will increase the workout time and lower the consequences of muscle contraction.

Some useful tips


Shoes are important. You can use the same shoes while running outdoor or indoor. The weight of the shoes is a concern. Do not wear heavy shoes with a hard base. The cushion of the shoes helps to sustain shocks on the road preventing any damage to feet. But while working on a treadmill try using less cushioned shoes. As the treadmill running platform is already cushioned

Body Posture

An upright position is necessary and beneficial while running on a treadmill. Be careful and avoid the risk of falling. Do not get distracted by turning around. Just look forward. Correct your mistakes while you run. You can use a mirror in front of the belt. You can visit a podiatrist if you have a more professional approach towards running. You can get advice on better running posture.


Keep a water bottle with you. Try drinking at intervals to avoid dehydration. The temperature of the room or gym is important. Adjust yourself according to the environment. Keep a watch on your water need.

End your running

Relax your muscles gradually. End your running with a 5 minutes slow walk on the treadmill. Stretch your body and relax your muscles.

Avoid workout in any types of muscle problem or do according to the specialist’s advice.