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How to use new type Carbonization Furnace

Wood charcoal Carbonization furnace is a beneficial machine for charcoal producers and as well as farmers in hilly areas. It is used to carbonize wood rods. It reduces the production process. it has its own competition among other likewise products.

This article shares a basic know-how of using the furnace.

The Wood Charcoal Carbonization Furnace should be placed on a leveled area to avoid the inclination of the furnace to any side. The wood pieces should be densely placed in the steel frame. It will be done after removing the lid from the top of the furnace.

Ignite the wood. The fuels that can be used are firewood and weeds. Ignite the wood and cover the top of the furnace with the lid provided. The covering up of the furnace will produce gas. In the furnace. The gas will move to the storage tank through a pipe that is added to the furnace to join the storage tank and the frame. Carefully open the valve of the tank and ignite. Before igniting make sure the lid of the furnace is closed. To avoid the fire leakage, add a fireproof cotton cloth in the valve.

Now, observe if the smoke from the pipe is coming out or not. If one doesn’t see the black smoke, the exhaust fan should be shut down and fir should let burn. It won’t take more than 5-6 hour to complete the carbonizing process to complete.

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