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What is Industrial Automation

What is Industrial Automation?

When a human being is replaced by computers, robots, information technology to handle machinery or any other process in any industry, the whole process involved is termed as Industrial Automation. It is a step ahead of industrialization beyond mechanization.


Improve and increase quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

The process of automation was adopted to reduce the cost of wages and benefits of human-associated as operators or helpers and to increase productivity taking the view that automation can be run 24 hours a day. But the target these days is to enhance quality and flexibility in the production process. In the mechanical industry the task that was done with an error rate of 0.5 – 1% it is now completed more efficiently with a reduced error rate of 0.0001%. This stage is achieved with the help of automation.


Advantages of Industrial Automation

Cost reduction is the most important advantage of automation. Automation has reduced employee benefits, incentives, after job benefits i.e. pension, paid leaves, wages, etc. that are compulsory things associated with hiring a human to do the job. Although, it requires heavy initial investment yet is less costly than regularly paid labors. And it saves maintenance cost also as it runs efficiently due to a low failure rate. If some failure happens just maintenance engineers are called and paid for.


Various industries are shifting themselves from traditional running pattern to automation because of its resultants as quality, low cost, increased productivity and other factors discussed above.


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