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Interview Questions and Answers from Manufacturing and Production


 What do you understand by the term BOM?

The term BOM is used for Bill of Materials.


 Explain the term DCR?

It is Document Change Request. When a change is requested for, regarding a problem in any document or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), this term is used.


 what is Kanban? 

A scheduling system that advises the manufacturer about what, how much, and when to produce. 


Explain what is MES?

It stands for manufacturing execution system (MES). It is an information system. It connects, monitors, and controls complex manufacturing systems and data flow on the factory floor being carried out to produce or manufacture a product. When effective execution of the manufacturing operation is to be ensured to improve the productivity, MES is applied. 


what is Six Sigma? 

A data-driven methodology to eliminate defects in any process. This methodology is applied in various sectors whether in manufacturing industry or service sector. 


what is QMS? 

The term QMS is used for Quality Management System. QMS is applied to enhance every step involved in manufacturing a product. 


Elaborate the term ‘Batch production’. 

When components and goods are produced in groups, this technique is used. The key point is that that batch production is manufacturing technique. And the technique is used when similar components or products are produced together. 


What does the term “factory overhead” means?

Whatever the cost is incurred in the process of manufacturing a product is termed as “factory overhead”. But the cost of materials and direct labors is excluded from this. 


 List out some of the examples of factory overhead?

Following are the overheads a production manufacturing engineer has to consider: 

  • Factory rent
  • Utilities used in the unit
  • Costs behind equipment set up
  • Costs behind equipment maintenance
  • Production unit supplies
  • Insurance covered on equipment’s and production facilities
  • Fringe benefits
  • Depreciation
  • QA Salaries
  • Property taxes on manufacturing facilities
  • Material management salaries