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Lab Coating Pan – Importance of pan speed.

While coating tablets, there is no magical formula for better results. A thorough check, visually, can make a difference and give enhanced results. One important step that is often ignored is the pan speed, but it is critical.
The quality check of tablets in pharmaceuticals is necessary. It has been studied deeply by researchers and they have noticed and have brought to notice the impacts of film build and parameters of operations on the stability of medicines. The impact that humidity causes on tablets have also been studied. But, one important factor that is not considered or missed is ‘Lab coating pan speed’. This is the speed of the coating drum in the pan means the speed at which the coating drum rotates. The observations have been carried out assuming the drum rotation as fixed during the coating run, though it depends on the operation, product as well as on the equipment vendor involved in the run. According to keen observers, there is a connection between pan speed and coating quality.
There are eight operating parameters need to be considered in an aqueous coating. The settings can be both fixed and variable. These are:
  • Gun geometry
  • Spray rate
  • Atomizing/pattern air
  • Inlet air temperature
  • Total air volume
  • Pan Speed
  • Adhesion of particles on the spraying system surfaces.
    The lab coating pan drum rotates @rpm. It is held constant regardless of the type and size of the pan. This speed should be monitored and be quantified according to the size of the coating pan, size & shape of the tablet.