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Milk Emulsion Preparation Tanks

How to choose and use milk processing equipment?


Farming is one of the major occupations in India. A farmer not only grows crops but also involved in various other activities. Farmers are also involved in dairy farms. Farms can be big or small. Milk production is the business on which a lot of other products depends. It is the raw material for the milk products. Farmers need milk equipments on their dairy farms. One such equipment is milk processing equipment. The farmer must have a quality milk processing equipment for the success of his dairy farm.

Buying a poor and cheap milk equipment will be dangerous and will lose your business. It will need frequent maintenance and repairing. It will obviously increase the cost of production. Choosing the right milk processing machine needs to understand you dairy business first.


A few tips to remember that help you choose the best milk processing equipment


  1. Keep in mind the size and shape of the machine. It should be adjustable on your farms.
  2. It should be in your budget.
  3. It should be good at performance, means, it should be faster and easier for the respective operations in the milk processing.
  4. Be sure of the vacuum in it.
  5. Over-milking can cause animals mastitis. Be sure of it.
  6. The machine should be easily repaired and its parts should also be easily replaceable.
  7. Its noise level can be adjusted
  8. It should bear a warranty period.

Milk processing operations include milk storing, pasteurizing, homogenizing etc. and this all is done by milk processing machine. Some of the milk processing equipment are:

  1. Milk tanks. These tanks are used to receive and store raw milk, cream or skimmed milk.
  2. Pasteurizers. The milk in the farm is taken through heat treatment process. This step is necessary to kill bacteria and to reduce the enzymatic activity in the milk.
  3. Milk separator. It prevents the milk from the destructive air during the process.
  4. Homogenizer. It improves the taste and sedimentation in the milk products.

Other milk processing equipment is there to reduce the workload of the farmers. The farmer is always benefitted by this equipment. But before buying a used machine be sure to verify the points listed above.