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Advantages and Disadvantages While Buying Second Hand Cassava Chips Dryer

Everyone loves something original and up to date machines. When there is an available option of buying something else that is cheaper yet effective we run with it.
A cassava chips dryer machine is no different. When choosing this machine there are a couple of things you have to consider before buying one. Here are advantages and disadvantages while buying a second hand cassava chips dryer machine:

Advantages of buying second hand cassava chips dryer machine
• They are cheaper -Second hand cassava chips dyer machines are very expensive and go for thousands of dollars. A second hand cassava dyer machine is cheaper and depends on the seller. If the offer is good then the deal is sealed.
• It will do the same task a new one would do.
• You get to inspect and test the machine just before paying for it and in that case you can decide whether its junk or worth your money.
• Experience –The seller can tell you his/her experiences while using the machine and prepare you on how to use it. In most cases we depend on manufacturers’ word that tends to oversell.
• Fewer formalities –since this is just a casual street sale it won’t be too formal where certain cards are accepted and what not. In some cases some sellers or buyers prefer to sign ownership documents just in case the machine was stolen or complications arise.

• Worn out –The previous owner might have used it for a longer period and its past manufacturers specifications. Even though you get to inspect the machine before purchase you can easily be fooled by a few polishes the seller did to impress you.
• More complications may occur later –Think like the seller and ask yourself, “why is he selling it?” The machine might develop more complications than before and therefore cost you more money.
• You don’t get the privileges that come with buying a new one such as a warranty, discounts, receipts, transportation among others.