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Shot-blasting Machines

The process used to clean, strengthen or polish metals in forging, foundry and other industries is called ‘Shot  Blasting’. Some of the other industries where it is used are automotive, construction, ship-building, rail etc. there are two methods that are used for the purpose of cleaning, strengthening and polishing metal. Wheel blasting and shot blasting. Here we will discuss shot blasting.
There are some types of equipment that are necessary for the manufacturing of a shot blasting machine.
Let’s have a look:
Blasting Wheels- Wheels propel the abrasive. This is done against the parts of an airless blast operation machine. The force used by the wheels is centrifugal force.the spinning speed of the wheels is nearly 3600 RPM. For high efficiency and velocity, such wheels are required.
Brush Assemblies- There are brush rollers in the machine that are made up of stainless steel. These brushes are used to control vibrations in the machine.
Elevator Belt Assemblies- Different quality of rubber is used to manufacture these belts. Its durability depends upon the quality of the rubber.
Roller Conveyors– For different uses there are different conveyors in the machine. These are used to clean metal plates in different industries.
Rotary Screens-  Safety should always be a concern. Such technologies are to be used that are safe. In the shot blasting machines also it has been taken care of. Rotary screens are used to save screens of the machine while they are in operational mode.
Material Transfer System- There is a storage pot in the machine. This helps to transfer the material to desired areas.
Dust Collector & Air-wash Separator- There are lungs in the machine means the dust collectors & air was separators. The dust from the blast cabinet needs to be removed. This is done by the dust collectors. These dust collectors are installed in the machines to give them a longevity. They separate the contaminants from the dust, provides air system across the air-wash.
Electrical Control Panels- Electrical Switchgear panels are used to operate and control the machine.

There are different types of shot blasting machines. We will discuss them in the next post.