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Vacuum Batch Cookers

Why is vacuum cooking important?

There are varied reasons for this.

As it is clear from the term ‘vacuum cooking’ the food under this process is cooked under vacuum. The food cooked goes through a low boiling point. The low temperature is due to the high vacuum. If the vacuum is turned high the temperature will be reduced. Low temperature drives off the moisture from the food.


This process minimizes the degrading of ingredients due to low temperature. Depending upon the solids, the boiling point of sucrose varies to different %age.

The challenge of maintaining the flavor, controlling moisture and not losing the attributes of the ingredients your product being prepared has the best solution for vacuum cooking.

Vacuum cookers are designed for domestic as well as industrial use. The use of vacuum cookers is not a difficult process to follow. These can be handled or operated as atmospheric cookers. Some vacuum cookers can be operated up to 24 in. Hg.

If your new product challenge involves controlling moisture, delivering a clean flavor profile, and retaining functional attributes of key ingredients, vacuum cooking may be the solution.

Vacuum cookers have vacuum lid for the cooking pot, regulators to control vacuum and increase temperature, condenser and the hoses that are interconnected. The cookers are electrical and don’t consume much electricity. They do not require steam but produce an equal heating effect as steam.

The automatic vacuum batch cookers we have in our product range produce candies of high-quality taste with clarity without losing any sugar. The operating cost is low with continuous and automatic cooking capacity.