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What is a Drill Machine?

A ‘Drill Machine’ is one of the most important machines in any tool room of mechanical industries. It is a machine that can make holes with the removal of chips, though it is not only used to make holes but also used in boring, reaming and tapping. In metalworking several types of drilling machines are used:

Hand drills, Magnetic drilling machines, Hammer drill, Rotary hammer drill, Cordless drills, Drill press, Geared head drill press, Pistol-grip ( corded ) drill.

Some other types of drill machines are Gang drilling machines, horizontal drilling machines, vertical drilling machines, centre-drilling machines and special purpose drilling machines.

Mostly, the vertical drilling machine is used in the metalworking industry to make holes in the production of small pieces individually or in lot production.

Apart from this, there are many different types or configurations of drilling machines, but most drilling machines will fall into four broad categories: upright sensitive, upright, radial, and special purpose.

Drill machines have their space in maintenance shops also. Radial drilling machines are usually used to make holes in large workpieces that have holes located along a curved edge. Deep holes in shafts, axles and gun barrels are made by horizontal drilling machines. Centres at the end of blanks are drilled by center-drilling machine.

When somebody goes to buy a drill machine he should be clear about the important factors.

We will describe factors, types and quality makers.

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