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What is a milling machine

A milling machine removes the material from the workpiece using rotating cutters. The workpiece is aligned with the angle of the tool axis. The milling operation can be performed on small objects as well as on large objects. The machines are commonly used in machine shops in the mechanical industry to manufacture products for other industries.
Milling Machine
MTMs is another term used for milling machines. MTM stands for multitasking machines. Milling and turning processes are carried out on these machines over workpieces. The workpieces get hot during the process and are removed from the machine after they get cooled down. The milling process is not a single step process. It involves different phases of cutting. The phases are:
Milling cutters
There are various cutting tools used on a milling machine. These milling cutters are called ‘end mills’. These cutters are placed into the workpiece by drilling and they have special cutting surfaces on their ends. For the peripheral milling there are extended cutting surfaces and also have small cutters at the end corners. Those materials that are durable, highly resistant and produce less friction are cut by these cutters.
Surface Finish
The machine has to give regular intervals. Due to regular ridges produced on the side cutters during the process. The distance between the ridges depends on three things those are feed rate, cutter’s diameter and the quantity of the surfaces.
Gang Milling
According to the requirement of operation, more than two cutters are to be used in a single set up in a horizontal milling machine this, we know as gang milling. And the operation also decides the uniformity or distinctiveness by the cutters.