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what is the best technique of charcoal making?

Carbonization machines are used to obtain charcoal from biomass. But there are other ways too to get charcoal. Carbonization stove is also used to get charcoal. Surely there is a difference between carbonization machines and carbonization stoves. Both the processes use biomass carbonization technology to produce biochar. Traditionally carbonization kiln was used. The stove is an upgraded version of it. Talking about carbonization machines, they are modern types of equipment of charcoal making.
Time Consumption in Carbonizing
Carbonization stove takes lesser time as compared to typical homemade stoves that is around five to seven days. The cabonization machines are advantageous in this context. The time progress in the technology has now brought the time consumption to 15 minutes as carbonizing is a continuous process in machines as compared to the stoves.
Daily Capacity
Some carbonization machines have a huge capacity of charcoal making. It is about 50 tons per day or more. The carbonization stove can never touch this capacity. One advantage of the stoves is that it sometimes final products of high carbon content. But at the same time, the products are a little bit negative in terms of the homogeneity of the charcoal. Carbonization machines give the best results with better quality biochar.
Environment friendliness
Traditional carbonization stoves affect the surroundings. They are dependent on weather conditions. the carbonization machines are totally pollution free eco-friendly. A carbonization stove uses more fuel, more labors, more preparation. In the carbonization machines, these issues are sorted out.
Apart from these differences, there are other differences also. As a whole, the carbonization machines are in trend and will remain.