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when and how ovens were used in history.

The history of ovens dated back to 29,000 BC. people of Central Europe used them to cook mammoth. People in some parts of Europe used to dig small pits and covered them with hot coal and ashes. Upon it they put the food covered or wrapped in leaves. Then they put a layer of earth on the top and let the food cook. They felt the food cooked this way was more delicious.

Ovens were also used by the people in the Indus Valley and in Egypt. In Egypt, ovens were used by the Pre-dynastic people as well. As the Indus Valley civilization progressed ovens found a permanent place in each house. People here not only cooked food in but also bake bricks in ovens. And this is the story by 3200 BC. egyptians were good at pottery. By the period around 4900-4000 BC, they started using ovens to make their pottery.

Greeks developed bread baking. And bread baking can’t be done without ovens. So this credit goes to them.  

Time passed by, and around the 19th century AD, Cylindrical shaped heavy cast -iron coal ovens were developed in Europe. By the end of 19th-century electrical ovens had come into existence but were not but they couldn’t found a place commercially as electricity was in its infancy stage.

At present, there are high-tech ovens being used commercially. Talking about the microwave oven, it was discovered and got patented by Percy Spencer in 1946. And nowadays these are also used domestically and commercially.