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Why is surface grinder important?

Surface grinder one of the most important machines in any metal working unit. The parts are to have good appearance and finishing. It also helps in keeping tight tolerances.
Material or an object is consistently passed through to remove the tiny amount of material that hinders the desired appearance and finishing along with the accurate dimensions needed. The process is also termed as – dusting the part. The height of the Z-axis is set and along the X and Y axis, the table is moved in various patterns till the part gets free of the undesired dust.
Need for Grinding
The metal piece is held by a vise and the unwanted material is shaved off by a stationary, abrasive and rotating wheel. The vise is a part of the movable table or base attached to the machine under an abrasive wheel. The grinding table is also magnetic that helps in holding the metal-piece tight and still. A lever is there to toggle the magnets. The back-and-forth process can be done both ways – manually or automatically. The first one is the tedious process and takes a long time. So, it is wise to opt for automation to save time and increase productivity. Through various processes, any metal workpiece or product can be cut with a high-quality finish. But for an improved surface, the grinder is a necessary machine. It also helps you get accurate or parallel edges on parts. Advancing from manual to automation can get more accurate parts, faster.
Thus,  we saw the importance of Surface Grinder. Moreover, the need for automation in metalworking units.