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Tips, Advice for buying & selling old/used industrial machines online

Tips, Advice for buying & selling old/used industrial machines online Benefits of buying and selling old/used machinery online Looking for a trusted and efficient online platform that brings buyers and sellers together but cannot decide which one is the best? A little research and some tips can help you select the ideal platform. But before […] Read More

Why you should list old/used machine on ?

The manufacturing process is incomplete without the use of industrial equipment which is large in size and is made of materials like titanium, steel, and iron for optimal strength. These equipment or machines are used for undertaking work on a large scale and this is the reason why it is sold at a higher price. […] Read More

Buying industrial machinery? How to decide between new and used machines.

In third world countries like Faridabad City where economic prosperity and stability have increased tremendously since independence recovering all the economic Indexes like GDP and Per-Capita Income for reflecting in the international indexes and publications, and it’s a good sign too. But if you look at the other side of the coin, a big blot […] Read More

How to use new type Carbonization Furnace

Wood charcoal Carbonization furnace is a beneficial machine for charcoal producers and as well as farmers in hilly areas. It is used to carbonize wood rods. It reduces the production process. it has its own competition among other likewise products. This article shares a basic know-how of using the furnace. The Wood Charcoal Carbonization Furnace […] Read More

Industrial Machines’ Sales Trends

In the competitive world of Industrial Machines’ Sales, everyone is struggling to grow and trying to figure out the ups and downs of the online market. Everyone is following the steps necessary to promote his/her online business. Sometimes, it is hard to grab the unexpected behavior of not only the market but also the search […] Read More

Online marketplace for Used industrial machines

Buying and selling machines online are not that a complex process. One need to churn his thoughts while deciding for the right online marketplace for convenient, hassle-free, reliable and a safe and profitable transaction. There is some new and emerging online marketplace for industrial machines. These business platforms are not only trying to find grounds […] Read More

Parts of a Milling Machine

Milling machines cover a varied range of operations. In the manufacturing industry, it is an integral part and some called it the backbone of the manufacturing industry. The machines are categorized mainly under two types. They are Horizontal milling machine and Vertical milling machines. Then there is further classification. And, there are obviously various parts […] Read More

Main Components of a Blast Machine

The process sandblasting is used to achieve a number of results by propelling fine, abrasive materials at high velocities. This process is used to get an improved surface of the material. The uses of sandblasting include deburring and cleaning, removing paint and coating, and shot-peening. In the industrial profession, pressure blasting machines are used for cleaning, […] Read More

Cassava Chips Dryer

One of the most important staple food along with wheat, rice, and maize in the world is Cassava. This crop is cultivated in various parts of the world. This is one the most economic crop. In some parts of the world, it is used as cassava flour and animal feedstock. Small farmers, as well as […] Read More